In this article we going to cover the topic “how to stop cheque payment in sbi online?”

Friends, there is a general confusion between cancelling a cheque and stopping a cheque. Both have different meaning in the term of banking.

Cancelleing a cheque means you cancelled the cheque for any type of use. Not understand, you should be.

Let’s understand with some examples. Suppose you buy an insurance of any type then the agent will ask you to submit a cancelled cheque with the documents.

They took that canceled cheque to confirming that you are using a genuine bank accounts. In the same way, when ever you bought some items in EMI or open a demat account then you have to provide a canceled cheque to them.

Let’s talk about how to cancel a cheque in proper way

how to stop cheque payment
Image- A Canceled Cheque,

In the above image, you can clearly see a demo of canceled cheque.

In the same way when you want to cancel any cheque the just draw a parallel lines diagonally. And between the space of parallel lines write CANCELED or CANCELLED both are correct in grammar.

Don’t sign in that canceled cheque. If you signed in that canceled cheque then strike out that sign.

Let’s talk about how to stop cheque payment in sbi online

Stopping a cheque is applied when you already release your cheque for the payment. And suddenly you don’t want to clear that cheque with some reasons like you don’t have enough balance or your cheque is lost/stolen.

Stopping a cheque, there is a fees applicable with GST

how to stop cheque payment

In that situation, you want to stop that cheque payment. Following are the ways to stop the cheque payment.

  • Through net banking (Some fees are applicable)
  • Mobile Banking
  • Customer Care- IVR
  • Through ATM
  • By visiting your home branch bank (Some fees are applicable)

To stop cheque payment online just login in to with your Username and Password.

After that go to the section of Request & Enquiries like below.

how to stop cheque payment

Under the section of Request & Enquiries, you will find an option of Stop Cheque Payment, just click on it.

how to stop cheque payment

After clicking on Stop Cheque Payment, you will find a page like above screenshot.

Here you have to enter following things:-

  • Select account number in which you want to stop the cheque payment
  • Enter your Cheque number which is printed on left side, bottom of the cheque.
  • Select the type of your cheque whether it is Normal or Multi City Cheque
  • Select an appropriate reason for stop cheque payment
    • Issued in Error
    • Stolen
    • Lost in Post
    • Cheque Reissued
    • Paid in cash
    • Others
  • Tick mark on I accept the following Terms and Conditions

After filling all the boxes, just click on Submit button. After that a verifying page will be open like below.

how to stop cheque payment

When you verify all the details then click in Confirm button. And a message will be sent to your registered mobile number of acknowledgement.

You can Revoke the stop cheque by visting the Revoke Stop Payment Instruction.

how to stop cheque payment

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