In this article we are going to discuss some important things that we should know about SBI cheque book.

As you know that in today’s life a single piece of paper make huge amount transactions i.e Bank Cheque. To pay some one or to withdraw from small amount to large amount we use cheque.

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Now, Let’s talk about various codes and numbers that are printed upon cheque.

We are using SBI Cheque book leaf for the demo.

SBI cheque
Image- SBI cheque for demo

In the above image, we pointed some numbers which will define their meaning.

Following are the meanings of above SBI cheque image:-

Point 1

It indicates IFS Code (Indian Financial System Code) of the bank.

It is a 11 alfa-numeric digit code which are provided by RBI (Reserve Bank of India).

RBI provides different IFSC for different bank and their branches.

First four digit indicates bank and fifth one is Zero which will be use in future.

Last Six digit indicates branch code of a Bank.

Point 2

This is a Cheque number. It contain 6 numeric digit which is a serial number of that cheque book.

Point 3

This indicates MICR Code (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition).

It contain 9 numeric digit code. First 3 digit indicates city. Which is taken from the first 3 digit of that city’s pincode.

3 digit of mid indicates bank and last 3 digit indicates branch of that bank.

Point 4

It is an optional code. This code is provided by RBI which is followed by your account number.

Point 5

This code is called Transaction Code. This code lies between 0 to 99.

It indicates about cheque book type.


  • 10 means Savings Account
  • 11 means Current Account
  • 0-49 means Debit Instrument
  • 50-99 means Credit Instrument

And the rest thing we all of us know that in the section of Pay write Beneficial name or write Self (if you want to withdraw).

In Rupees section, write the amount in words. And, In the box of Rupees symbol write the amount in numeric digit as shown in above image.

A/C No. box, there is already printed your account number if not then enter your account number manually.

In the date box which is located in right hand side, top corner. Write the date but remember that it will valid only for 3 months.

And in the section of Sign, sign your name just above your name printed.

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